Print at Home FAQ's

What is Print at Home?
Print at Home is an electronic delivery method by which your tickets are e-mailed directly to you immediately after your purchase. You will receive one e-mail after your purchase and your Print at Home tickets will be attached in .pdf format.  Please add to your safe senders list so that you are able to receive your tickets.

Why use Print at Home?
Avoid waiting in "Will Call" lines to pick up your tickets. Prevent your tickets from getting lost in the mail. You can print or reprint your tickets anytime prior to an event if they are misplaced.

How do Print at Home tickets work?
The ticket that is e-mailed to you is a valid ticket. Make sure you protect it like you would any other ticket. Each ticket contains a unique barcode that is scanned at the event. If any copies are made of the ticket, only the first scan of the barcode will be allowed entry. If a unique barcode has already been scanned, the attendant will be alerted and entry will not be permitted.

What software/hardware do I need to use Print at Home?
You will need Adobe® Acrobat® Reader® version 5 or higher. Any ink-jet or laser printer (black & white or color) with a resolution of 300 dpi or greater. NOTE: Print at Home tickets (pages) do NOT need to be printed in color. Black & White printing is fine. Please print your tickets on 8.5" x 11" size plain white paper.

Why haven't I received my Print at Home tickets?
Make sure you have used the correct e-mail address. Check your junk mail folder. Make sure that your spam guard and junk mail settings allow you to receive e-mails with attachments. Add our e-mail address,, to your list of trusted e-mail addresses.

What if my tickets did not print correctly?
Open the attachment that came with your e-mail. Save the attachment to your computer. Try to print your tickets again.